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Soap Making Recipes Give You Unlimited Variety For Your Soaps

As you get into making handmade soaps, you will no doubt want to create a file of soap making recipes. All beautiful hand crafted or homemade soaps begin with a soap recipe. The recipe not only ensures you know all the ingredients and their respective quantities, but it also enables you to consistently make the exact soap you want. Below you will find links to some great soap making recipes. Check back often as we will be adding new soap recipes from time to time. Also, if you’re in a hurry for a lot of recipes, one of the best places to find both beginner and advanced recipes for expert soap makers is in the ebook “Soap Making Made Simple!” You’ll get lots of recipes and great explanations of how the various ingredients affect the features of your soap. It’s really a great place to start accumulating soap making recipes, or add to your present recipe file. To learn more about the contents of the book, click here. Once you understand the basics of soap making, you’ll actually be able to make up your own soap recipes. Now the fun really starts and you can combine all the ingredients you want to formulate your own personal, favorite soap. And as you get more and more soap recipes, the variety of gifts you can create becomes endless. Or you can sell your soaps if you are so inclined. How about your own soap making business or a soap recipe book of your own. Below are just a few cold process soap recipes to get you going. We also have melt and pour recipes as well – just browse around.

Soap Recipes

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  • The Basic White Soap Recipe
    Easy basic white soap recipe for making homemade soap.
  • Pioneer Soap
    Pioneer soap making recipe for cold process soapmaking.
  • Vegetarian Soap
    Use the vegetarian soap recipe to make mild, full lather homemade soap.
  • Heritage Soap
    Learn how to use the Heritage soap recipe to make a mild soap that lathers up well.
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