The Basic White Soap Recipes

There are literally hundreds of possible soap recipes. They range from basic soap recipes for beginners to more advanced and interesting recipes for those who want to experiment with different ingredients and combinations.

We suggest you first practice with the Basic White Soap recipe, which is then used to make the more advanced soaps. This is a cold process recipe. The basic white soap recipe will give you a mild and long-lasting soap. Without coloring additives, it will yield a white or off-white soap. Since it shows details very well, it is a very good homemade soap recipe for using with intricate soap molds. And it is a great soap for trying out and using various additives, as well. The basic white soap is a must-have recipe for anyone starting their soapmaking hobby or business… and using the cold process. Here it is…

Basic White Soap

  • 74 ounces tallow
  • 32 ounces blended vegetable or olive oil
  • 3 ounces cocoa butter
  • 14 ounces lye
  • 41 ounces cold water
Your basic soap will be used as the main ingredient for hand-milled soaps. Soap Qualities
  • Mild
  • Long lasting
  • Light colored – typically white or off white
  • You can mill it when it is wet or when it is dry
  • Excellent for molding due to its ability to show detail
  • It works well for additives
  • Shows trailings quickly
  • Sets up and dries quickly
Also, file under basic soap recipe. Go to soap recipes for more information on soap making and recipes.
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