Whether you’re ready to begin your first soap project or you’re experienced and looking for some really helpful soap making tips, you are in the right place.

Making homemade soap has never been easier. But, like with most things, knowing exactly what to do helps tremendously. So, you will find not only some very useful soap making tips about how to get started, but also very advanced techniques and strategies. There will be tips on the easy-to-do melt and pour method of soap making. And there will also be many tips on using the more involved, but very rewarding, cold process method. Soap making allows you to make a practically endless assortment of products that you can use for great gifts or for your own soap making business. You can make elegant soaps with wonderful fragrances, practical soaps for home cleaning, and many other specialty soaps. One of the fun things of making your own hand milled soap is experimenting. While you may find many soap recipes to your liking, as you get more experienced you will find it is great fun to try out different combinations of ingredients, fragrances, bases, oils and shapes. Who knows… you may stumble on some truly unique and magnificent soap recipes that will become your pride and joy. Imagine your friends and relatives in utter amazement at your soap making expertise. And, don’t forget, soapmaking is just plain fun to do!

About Dave Cushion

My name is Dave Cushion and I have been making soap, writing soapmaking articles… and even a book,  and creating websites related to soap making for over 8 years. I suppose I got into the soap business for two main reasons:
  1. My family has been big into crafts and hobbies for… um… decades shall we say. And they still are. My mother and sister are very talented in sewing, quilting, ceramics, knitting, crocheting, and making all sorts of other do-dads. So, I grew up in an environment where crafts were not only fun, but a way of life.
  2. I somehow stumbled upon making soap at home and noticed a big void of information on how to actually do it.
So, I did my research, consulted with experts, and learned all I could about the various ways to make soap and all the ins and outs of it. It was so interesting that I decided I could show others how fun and easy it could be… if you only knew what to do. This is one of the websites aimed at doing just that. I’m converting all my old content into a blog format so that I can more easily publish even more articles. And, I have written “Soap Making Made Simple” – it’s a digital book that has been sold in over 19 countries in the past several years and is still going strong. I am married to a wonderful wife, Denise, and we have 5 children and 9 grandkids, having lost one of each to separate, tragic accidents. Also, I am an avid bowler and golfer and do both sports competitively. And I certainly enjoy our family card games. That’s enough about me… some people just like to know stuff like that. So, now you do. Just enjoy the website and learn as much as you can… and, by all means, don’t be afraid to get started if you are new to soap making. It’s fun, relaxing and very rewarding.

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