Introduction To Soap Making

Handmade soap bars

Handmade soap bars.

Welcome to our online guide to soap making. Since so many people are now wanting to learn how to make soap at home, we have created this website to bring you the latest soap making tips, instruction and resources. Making soap is extremely fun and rewarding. But, perhaps more importantly, it allows you to craft the exact soaps that you desire. Safe, fragrant, colorful soaps with only the ingredients you want – no harmful, damaging soaps for you! Handmade soaps are not only great for your own use, but makes for great gifts. They are wonderful housewarming gifts… as well as birthday, Christmas, and Mother’s Day gifts to name just a few. Imagine the amazed looks on the faces of friends and relatives when they open a special gift of homemade soap created by you. And you’ll feel so wonderful knowing you did it all by yourself.

Shorten your learning curve…

To help you get started, you will find numerous soap making tips and easy-to-follow instructions. But, to simplify things, there are two primary ways to make soap at home:
  1. The “melt and pour” process is a simple, fast and easy way to make your own unique soap. It is a great way to begin your soapmaking craft. And it is also widely used by many expert soap makers.
  2. The more complex method of making soap, called “cold process” has been made much easier due to the use of lye and modern technology. And it, also, is much more fun now than it was centuries ago.
There is, of course, liquid soap and a couple of variations like hand milled soap and hot process soap. But, for starters, I would suggest you take a look at either the melt and pour soaps or the cold process soap making method. Both have their pros and cons and we can help you decide which is the one you want to try first. No right or wrong answer – just personal preference. Other things to consider are:
  • where to get your supplies
  • what are some good starter recipes
  • what type of soap molds do you want to use
  • what ingredients will you use
  • what equipment do you need
Making soap is easy, fun and very rewarding. So check out our website and recommendations to help you get started right away.
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